Our Team


Charlotte Wilton

Founder and Designer

'I've always been driven towards helping people achieve their full potential.'

I believe that humans are amazing, especially when we are given the resources we require to thrive, whether that be education, extra assistance, or even simple infrastructure. In a world that's developing at different rates, we need to build networks to share knowledge and resources.

For the last few years I have volunteered with Crisis at Christmas where it was clear to me that the day to day lives of rough sleepers could be greatly improved. These ideas were furthered during my time working in Kings Cross particularly in relation to donations and vulnerability. 

This insight into the needs of both people and the environment inspired my Final Year Project at Loughborough Design School (graduated July 2018) to empower this community.

I believe that b our bridge is the platform to achieve that.




Advisory Board

Ed Prager

An exceptional business leader with 30+ years experience in the technology industry.



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Accelerator and Fintech program



I'm currently building a network of partners as well as an advisory board!