Little by little, a little becomes a lot.


What if I told you that you could donate to charity every-time you online shop and it would cost you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Yep, you heard me, nothing at all.

How often have you thought about a problem, or seen/heard about someone needing help and thought ‘I wish there was a simple way to help’? Well, look no further because this little list has some suggestions for you!

This post is all about small changes you can make that only take a few minutes to set up but could help in those baby steps to make out world a better place. A few suggestions are completely free and a couple are at a cost (but a low one I promise)

I know so many of you will read this article and think ‘oh that doesn’t sound too bad’ and never do any of this. But if everyone just takes on 1 small change and passes on this list, you never know it might help make one much bigger change. Anyway, enough of my rambling, here’s my 6 suggestions!


  • – Change your internet browser from Google (or whatever you use) to Ecosia.

FREE – time taken: 2 mins
Ecosia plants trees every time you search and you can install in really easily on your computers. Over 16 million have been planted so far helping to reforest areas all over the world. Just think, every time you want to ask a question to the wonderful world of the internet, you might just be able to plant a tree, its that easy!!


  • Installing Give as you Live plug in.

FREE – install time: 3 mins (providing you have an idea on what charity area you want to support)
Give as you live is a company that gives small donations to a charity of your choice every time you shop online at no extra cost to you. Just go onto their website, choose your charity, and follow the instructions. Every time you shop online with a company that has give as you live enabled it will ask you if you want to give and the rest is sorted for you at the check out! They are linked through so many brands such as ebay, asos, amazon, tesco and so many more. 3 mins of your time and the easiest way to donate!

TOP TIP: add donation reminder tab and you don’t have to remember to start shopping on the give as you live website!


  • Stop using plastic straws.

As I’m sure you’ve seen on the news and social media, single use plastic is causing a bit of a nightmare in our oceans.  Only last year 29 whales were found on the shore in Germany with heir lungs full of plastic and the ocean clean up process is a mammoth task that the global community is trying to tackle. If you would like to get involved with the clean up that’s amazing, definitely go for it. But if you don’t think you have time for that as sadly most of us don’t how about avoiding using straws in your drinks. Its as simple as just saying ‘’Don’t worry about the straw’ at the bar when your ordering your VKs. 5 easy words.

Now if you particularly enjoy drinking from a straw how about trying compostable straws? Or metal straws? Less convenient but equally not too much out of your way. It’s so so important, There’s more information in the link below.


  • Be My Eyes

This is an app that you can download to help blind people with every day tasks. They simply send a request when assistance is needed and if you can help them you send a response! Easy peasy and just giving someone an extra helping hand.


  • Neighbourly
    Ever been suddenly inspired to volunteer and then realized you didn’t know where or what you wanted to do. Look no further than Neighbourly. It is a platform that you can use to find local volunteering opportunities in your area, you can search types of projects that interest you and see how you can get involved. Its as much or as little commitment as you want!


  • Kiva Loans $25
    This ones a little different and does involve a little money – but hear me out. Kiva loans is a micro loan company for people around the world, you can pay $25 ( about £19) and browse through all the different projects you could possibly choose who you want to help with it. There are thousands of different projects ranging from womens empowerment to just helping a man buy a couple more pigs to help his farm – whatever you connect with most. The person of your choice will pay you back in small amounts at a time and you get email updated throughout. once you have been credited back, you can choose the next person you want to help.


If any of these inspired you, try and find 10 mins and input just one or maybe two because: