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Lay out plans for Stage 1,2 and 3 of the lean business plan.

Phone call with Gareth Gadd, Rum Compliance Compendium, Regarding GDPR - They are going to research more on areas I should be aware on.

Round table discussion with Founder of Spotify.


1-2-1 with Alex - Natwest Coach - Plan to try and find 5 new ways to look at the problem to re-address it.

15-19 Oct ‘18



Applied to Firecracker and BBC Entrepreneur project.

Meeting with Adam Scarrott, Lawyer at Barclays. He is going to try and drum up a team to give me pro bono support.

Ignition event with NatWest Thursday/Friday. Lots of potential contacts RE prices trust and New organisation called Kindlink Interested in Partnering.

8-12 Oct ‘ 18



Work Experience Virgin Atlantic

25 Sept - 5 Oct ‘18



17-21 Sept ‘18

Discussion with DGP consulting regarding cost and timeline of producing an app - They are now reviewing my video of the app prototype and will get back to me with cost and timeline to produce.

Completed dots profile for ‘100 creative change makers’ - Campaign launches 19th -

Email Oasis to further partnership discussion. - This is a potentially positive channel as should they want to get involved. There is a possibility of launching a beta test in the North East. With multiple contacts up there ranging from students to businesses an families who I could ask to download the beta testing app. It is also a smaller city with people who are known to be more friendly and welcoming then perhaps in London.

Reach out to Monzo press email to open a discussion regarding their contactless system developing for the homeless. - phone call scheduled for Friday morning.

Planning for phone call with Progressive, a tech accelerator program. - call planned for Thursday morning

Research in how to develop and app to save costs with developers. Especially if I were to create a platform the a developer could enhance but I could manage. This may save time and costs.

Press release with Loughborough Alumni to plan for World Homeless Day on Oct 10th.

Researching conferences and training provided through Homeless Link - asking if as b our bridge currently has no funding if there are possible discounts.

New Head shots taken and edited. - all platforms updated.

Linkedin business profile made by Ed.

Researching pre-made bluetooth beacons that could be used for a beta test whilst the b device is being fully designed and manufactured. - Gimble system used by StreetChange costs $5 per device and lasts up to 4 months. I am now looking into other similar systems and what level of bluetooth is required.