Changing the lives of rough sleepers
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b our bridge is a product and service, facilitating cashless donations to the homeless which can only be redeemed responsibly (food, shelter, education and long term savings).

The partnering app allows the public to understand more about the rough sleeper, what their goals and interests are and how close they are to their next financial goal to encourage social, interaction, bridge the societal gap and improve the increasing levels of loneliness and mental health issues/problems. 


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Rough sleepers will be given their 'b' which creates the bridge to achieving their personal goals.

Each hand held device contains bluetooth and NFC technology as well as a personal alarm. 

The Bluetooth reaches out to passers by, connecting the rough sleeper to members to the wider community.  

The technology is part powered by the spinning top plate which allows the device to be charged whilst its away from mains.



Donation App

The app would be downloaded by members of the general public who want to donate to the homeless, responsibly.

All donations go to a personal account run by a charity. It also provides the platform for the user to find out about the rough sleeper, what their goals and interests are and also how far they are from their next financial goal. The app aims to encourage community inclusion and break down isolation.




The hub will be located in public places such as cafes and libraries.

It offers the rough sleeper the opportunity to understand the formats in which they can redeem their donations (for example 2 meals and 1 night in the shelter) and where to collect them from.

It also provides the opportunity to save a percentage of their donations and recharge the device from the mains.



Recognised by:


New Designer Of the Year Runner Up

The judges appreciated Charlotte’s personal motivation to find a thoughtful solution to a real social problem through design.

Virgin Atlantic Award

A thoroughly thought out product and service that addresses a real world issue that needs highlighting

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Accelerator and Fintech Program